NFL London game brings out bizarre array of jerseys (and this Skins fan)

It’s an NFL game day in London, which means Londoners are American football fans for the day. And man, they are certainly out in full force at Wembley Stadium for the Dolphins-Jets game.

Chances are, if you do a quick stadium scan, your team’s jersey will make an appearance in the crowd. Because when it’s an NFL game day in London cheap jerseys, you wear your football jersey, even if your only football jersey is a Johnny Manziel Texas A&M jersey, a Donovan McNabb Eagles jersey or an Adrian Peterson Vikings jersey.

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This, as Steven Godfrey discussed, is the flavor of fandom for American football in England right now — folks there are deeply passionate about the sport, and that passion is dispersed over the whole league. So yeah, when the NFL comes to town, it’s costume Halloween. Doesn’t matter which teams are playing.

(And hey, if you spy china cheap jerseys from other teams not named above on the CBS broadcast from London, feel free to pass them along. Let’s see if we can collect all 32!)